Auto-Quote Queensland does not only sell Australia's leading industry specific Computer Management System, we also sell a vast range of computer equipment and consumables to complement our product base.

Our pricing is very competitive and invariably we will be as cost effective, if not more so than other retailers.

General items that we carry in stock are:-

Servers are the heart of any network, if the server is not optimized 100% an unknown number of problems can arise very quickly. A server consultation is done with every server quote, this will work out how many licenses needed, what hardware would best suit the situation and how well will it preform with different setup procedures. Like everything else in IT each server is 100% custom to the client and will be researched as such.

Workstation computers of Whitebox 'brand'. This means that Auto-Quote Queensland Technical Department keeps up to date with current hardware and software technology and constructs a computer to perform at the highest level possible for technology available at the time of purchase. The same technical principles are adopted when purchasing a laptop or tablet PC, Auto-Quote Queensland will first determine the use of the laptop or tablet PC then research the best possible option for you personally, keeping in mind both cost and functionality.

Monitors are a standard item most technical companies stock but being heavily apart of the smash repair industry things like dust and poor conditions need to be taken into account. Also, multiple screens are becoming almost a standard in today's business grade computing and knowing what the users will be doing will also help determine details like this.

Keyboard & Mice, Graphic Cards, Cables, KVM Switches, USB Keys, External Hard Drives, Power Protection Units and Consumables like Printer Toners, Printer Drums are all thought about when dealing with a client. Are we replacing an existing machine? Will it have a monitor? Does it need a graphics card? (Multiple screens) what type of power protection does it have? How is it getting backed up? These are all things that need to be thought about when supplying new hard ware.

Printers & Multi-Function Centers are a necessity in any industry but as Auto-Quote Queensland is well knowledgeable in the smash repair industry we know how to optimize your network to get the most work done for the lowest price possible. Taking in account most printers on the market today are network printers, will it connect to your current network with no problem? Will it install correctly on the current running operation system? Will direct faxing work from all the machines? Will network scanning be possible with current hardware?

Network Switches & Routers, Wireless Connectivity is the backbone to any network. Knowing what type of switches and routers to use changes from network to network, so having the knowledge of the industry is a must. The environment is also a variable that has to be taken into account when engineering these networks.

When it comes to Software there can be upto 50 different types you have to consider and make sure they all work well together. Being a reseller of a majority of the software we supply ensure low costs and high knowledge of the product. Being a partner with such companies as Microsoft, ESET, Storage Craft, VMware and many more gives us a wide variety of products. This helps organize and keep organized missed aspects such as advanced licensing, product keys, expiry dates, etc.

Auto-Quote Stationery - Quote Pads, Time Cards

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